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Stephen Colbert Explains What Donald Trump Did During His Two Week Vacation

Stephen Colbert was gone for two weeks and he recapped what Trump did the two weeks he was gone. Read more... August 23, 2016

Reese Witherspoon Takes Olympics Inspired Dive During Italy Vacation

Reese Witherspoon was so inspired by the Rio Olympics that she took a dive off a boat in Italy. Read more... August 10, 2016

Skydiver Luke Aikins in Record Jump from 25,000 Feet Without a Parachute

Skydiver Luke Aikins successfully completed a jump from 25,000 feet without using a parachute or wingsuit. Read more... July 30, 2016

Will Smith Makes a Fabulous Entrance Onto the Tonight Show Stage

Will Smith likes to really make an entrance. In fact he makes as many entrances as it takes to really get it right. Even if it means riding a unicorn. Read more... July 29, 2016

Matt Damon Plays Box of Lies With Jimmy Fallon

Matt Damon agreed to a game of Box of Lies with Jimmy Fallon and things went surprisingly bad for him. Read more... July 28, 2016

Kristen Stewart Plays Jell-O Shot Twister With Jimmy Fallon

Kristen Stewart wore jean shorts to play a round of Jell-O Shot Twister with Jimmy FAllon. Read more... July 12, 2016

Weird Al Performs Word Crimes on Stephen Colbert

Weird Al performed his entertaining song Word Crimes on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Read more... May 23, 2016

Stephen Colbert Performs New Eurovision Song

Stephen Colbert performed a new Eurovision song on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Read more... May 18, 2016

Stephen Colbert Tries Out Second Skin Technology

Stephen Colbert tried out the new second skin technology using Saran wrap. Read more... May 12, 2016

SNL: Brie Larson Tries to Avoid the Mom Haircut

SNL host Brie Larson stars in a hilarious sketch called Baby Shower. The other moms warn her the the dreaded mom haircut will happen to her, but she doesn't believe them. Read more... May 8, 2016

Conan O'Brien Does the String Dance in K-pop Music Video

Conan O'Brien does the string dance in a J.Y. Park K-pop music video called Fire. The video also features the Wonder Girls and Twice. Read more... April 21, 2016

Melissa McCarthy Battles Jimmy Fallon in Lip Sync Battle

Melissa McCarthy went head to head with Jimmy Fallon in a new lip sync battle. Melissa covered DMX's X Gonna Give it to Ya. Read more... April 10, 2016

SNL: Peter Dinklage and Gwen Stefani Sing About Space Pants

Peter Dinklage and Gwen Stefani perform a rousing rendition of their post modern rap song Space Pants. This perplexes the mafia don trying to have a meeting. Read more... April 3, 2016

Stephen Colbert Bids Farewell to Ben Carson

Stephen Colbert bids farell to Ben Carson in his latest entry in the Hungry for Power Games. Read more... March 9, 2016

Christina Aguilera and Will Ferrell Dance and Sing About Their Tight Pants

Christina Aguilera and Will Ferrell challenged Jimmy Fallon to a tight pants dance off. Read more... February 17, 2016

2016 Grammy Award Winners Announced

The winners of the 2016 Grammy Awards have been announced. Taylor Swift won album of the year for 1989. Read more... February 16, 2016

Donald Trump Says Jeb Bush Threatened to Moon Everyone at GOP Debate

Donald Trump brough up Jeb Bush's recent threat to moon everyone at the latest GOP debate. Read more... February 13, 2016

Stephen Colbert Makes a Ben Carson Entrance on The Late Show

Stephen Colbert made a Ben Carson like entrance on The Late Show. Read more... February 10, 2016

Derek Zoolander and Hansel Critique the Candidates' Fashion Styles

Derek Zoolander and Hansel stopped by SNL for a surprise visit to critique the presidential candidates' sartorial choices and signature looks. Read more... February 7, 2016

Jennifer Lopez Opens Las Vegas Show at Planet Hollywood

Jennifer Lopez is performing at Planet Hollywood. The show is called Jennifer Lopez: All I Have. Read more... February 3, 2016

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