Technology News

Stephen Colbert Tackles Robotic Dummy (October 12, 2015): Stephen Colbert tackles a robotic dummy known as the Robotic MVP, the Mobile Virtual Player

Master Swordsman Battles Robotic Arm in Slicing Contest (June 18, 2015): The Yaskawa robotic arm engages in a slicing contest with a master swordsman in this video. Raises Concerns About 3D Printers Printing People (March 9, 2015): is concerned that 3D printers will be able to print people within our lifetime.

NSA News Alters John Oliver's First Day Hosting The Daily Show (June 14, 2013): Reports the NSA has access to Internet data of all Americans altered John Oliver's first day at hosting The Daily Show.

Peter the Elephant Plays With Tablet (March 29, 2012): Here is a video of Peter the elephant playing with a Samsung tablet, the Galaxy Note.

How Steve Jobs Changed the Music Industry (October 5, 2011): Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died today at age 56.

FBI Reportedly Investigating Scarlett Johansson Photos (September 14, 2011): Fox News is reporting the FBI is involved in tracking down the culprits who posted nude photographs of Scarlett Johansson on the Internet today.

Giant Teddy Bear Faced Robot Designed to Lift Patients Into Wheelchairs (August 2, 2011): If you get sick in the future - and need to be lifted off the floor and into a wheelchair - a large teddy bear faced robot may come to your aid.

Radiohead: House of Cards (August 6, 2008): Here's Radiohead's "House of Cards" music video that all the blogs have been buzzing about.

Microsoft Product to Monitor Workers Through Their Computers (January 16, 2008): Microsoft has filed a patent for a system which would allow employers to monitor employees' physical states through their computers or laptops.

Chinese Couple Wants to Name Their Kid @ (September 6, 2007): A Chinese couple wants to name their new baby "@".

Signs in England Village Tell Drivers to Ignore Satnav Directions (May 12, 2007): The Daily Mail reports that the village of Exton in England had to put up special signs warning drivers to ignore their satellite navigation systems (satnav).

Wear Your Remote on Your Head (February 28, 2007): Now you will never lose your remote because it is stuck on your head.

Microsoft Clippy is No More (February 19, 2007): Microsoft Clippy has died.

Bizarre Bike Goes 50mph? (January 30, 2007): Treehugger is discussing this bizarre bike-like means of transportation.

Is the iPod Doomed? (September 11, 2006): The Guardian asks: is the iPod doomed? In an article entitled "Why the iPod is losing its cool" The Guardian predicts that the iPod will go the way of the videocassette player and the Sony walkman, mostly because everyone has one, therefore they have ceased to be cool.

Hackers Crack the RFID Code (August 7, 2006): Hackers have managed to hack into the RFID chips that the U.

Microsoft Bob Makes Worst Tech Products List (June 28, 2006): A hideous Microsoft software package called Microsoft Bob has made PC World's list of the 25 worst tech products of all time.

Martha Stewart Starting Social Networking Site: Terrified (May 25, 2006): Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia announced is diving into the online social network business: the company is starting social networking site like MySpace.

Joining The Compact and Opting Out of Consumerism (March 23, 2006): USA Today reports on a growing trend where people join The Compact.

Emotion-Sensing Computer Feels Your Pain (February 16, 2006): The Discovery Channel reports that scientists are working on a computer that uses emotion-sensing technology to notice when you are feeling frustrated.

Bathrooms: the New Offices (February 8, 2006): The Wall Street Journal reports that bathrooms are the new offices.

iTunes and Privacy Issues (January 16, 2006): The BBC reports on the iTunes controversy: bloggers discovered that a feature on iTunes was tracking user information without disclosing the info to users.

MIT Scientists Create Robot Snail (December 14, 2005): Scientists are making progress on the ultimate goal of having a robot match for every creature on Earth.

Female Androids Hit Japan (July 28, 2005): The BBC reports that Japanese scientists are once again leaving the U.

The Alarm Clock that Runs Away (June 27, 2005): There may soon be an alternative for those of you who abuse the snooze button on your alarm clock.

The Robotic Super Suit (June 13, 2005): Japan just won't stop with the robot revolution.

The Singing Park Benches (June 12, 2005): A new art project in England is placing seemingly intelligent bins and benches in a public area in The Junction at Cambridge University.

High Def TV: A Movie Star's Nightmare? (June 11, 2005): About 18 million people in the U.

Advertisers Hope Neuromarketing Answers Their Dreams (June 6, 2005): Scientists are now scanning the brain to find more effective ways to influence your purchasing decisions. Just great! Not!

Robot Doctors Are Here (May 19, 2005): Apparently, England is miles ahead of the U.

Earn Your Way to Being a Couch Potato (May 18, 2005): Health experts in Britain think that British children are way too fat and watch too much TV.