Food News

Rob Riggle Stars as Coach Colonel Sanders in New KFC Commercials (September 28, 2016): Comedian Rob Riggle stars as Coach Colonel in new KFC commercial. He coaches the Kentucky Buckets.

Pancake Selfie Express Embarks on Nine City Tour (September 5, 2015): Rob Riggle is taking the Pancake Selfie Express on a nine city tour. The vehicle is part of a Holiday Inn Express promotion.

Ariana Grande Apologizes for Doughnut Fiasco in YouTube Video (July 9, 2015): Ariana Grande apologizes for licking doughnuts and hating America in a new YouTube video.

Elmo, Rosita and Grover Share Recipes on Good Morning America (June 20, 2015): Elmo, Rosita and Grover shared recipes from their new cookbook, Sesame Street Let's Cook, on Good Morning America.

Strawberry Grown in Japan is the World's Heaviest Strawberry (May 26, 2015): A strawberry grown in Japan is pronounced the world's heaviest strawberry by Guiness World Records.

Kevin Bacon Stars in New Incredible Edible Egg Campaign (March 14, 2015): Kevin Bacon is the face of a new Incredible Edible Egg campaign from the American Egg Board

Macaulay Culkin Eats a Slice of Pizza (December 18, 2013): Here is a video of Macaulay Culkin eating a slice of pizza.

Colton Haynes Thinks About Donuts Every 7.5 Seconds (August 17, 2013): Actor Colton Haynes is constantly thinking about donuts.

Man Eats Ghost Pepper, Suffers (April 23, 2012):

Kristen Bell With Giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (June 25, 2011):

Flashback: Snoop and Martha Stewart Make Mashed Potatoes (May 22, 2011):

Eva Longoria Dons Short Shorts to Promote New Cookbook (April 6, 2011):

Fanta Seeks Fourth Fantana Member (June 11, 2010):

Pamela Anderson at Millions of Milkshakes (April 18, 2010):

Matt Damon Gets Pizza in London (February 9, 2010):

Actor Michael Cera Eats Pizza Near JWoww (January 4, 2010):

Woman Finds Virgin Mary in Pancake (December 4, 2009):

Man Calls 911 To Say McDonald's Overcharged Him (June 30, 2009):

Miley Cyrus Enjoys Pizza and Pasta in Rome (April 20, 2009):

Ashley Tisdale Explains Marshmallow Peeps (April 12, 2009):

Johnny Depp Salami Sausage (October 14, 2008):

KFC's Colonel Sanders Visits Hell, Michigan (June 30, 2008):

Pringle's Can Inventor Buried in Pringles Can (June 2, 2008):

Seriously Disturbed Thanksgiving Diet Tips (November 22, 2007):

Pizza Prices On the Rise (June 23, 2007):