Health News

Niki Taylor Partners With Nexcare to Encourage Blood Donations (August 2, 2015): Supermodel Niki Taylor partnered with the American Red Cross and Nexcare to encourage blood donations.

Avril Lavigne Tears Up While Discussing Lyme Disease on Nightline (July 1, 2015): Avril Lavigne talked about her horrible experience with lyme disease on Nightline. She teared up during part of the interview.

Thousands Practice Yoga in Times Square to Celebrate the First Day of Summer (June 23, 2012):

Woman Loves Smelling Toxic Mothballs (February 11, 2012):

Giant Teddy Bear Faced Robot Designed to Lift Patients Into Wheelchairs (August 2, 2011):

Jillian Michaels Dubbed Oprah of Fitness by Forbes (June 26, 2011):

Drew Carey Drops 80 Pounds (July 29, 2010):

Octomom's Doctor Could Have His License Revoked (July 13, 2010):

Keri Russell Talks Extraordinary Measures (January 14, 2010):

Marilyn Manson Has Swine Flu (September 22, 2009):

Nick Jonas Testifies in Front of Congress (June 24, 2009):

Swayze Checks Into Hospital With Pneumonia (January 9, 2009):

Lance Armstrong Returning to Professional Cycling (September 9, 2008):

LeAnn Rimes Reveals Struggle With Psoriasis (September 5, 2008):

Rep Says Paul Newman Does Not Have Lung Cancer (June 10, 2008):

Amy Winehouse Bares All for Charity (March 24, 2008):

Carnie Wilson's Weight Battle Continues (March 19, 2008):

The Joy of Depression (March 3, 2008):

Flu Vaccine Not as Effective This Year (February 15, 2008):

Speak Up Or Die (September 25, 2007):

More Bad News for The Lonely and Isolated (September 15, 2007):

Plastic Surgery For Your Feet (June 27, 2007):

Office Desks Are Bacteria-Laden Cesspools (February 15, 2007):

Ebracing Starvation in Order to Live Forever (October 30, 2006):

Flu Germs on a Plane (September 12, 2006):