Weird News

Pancake Selfie Express Embarks on Nine City Tour (September 5, 2015): Rob Riggle is taking the Pancake Selfie Express on a nine city tour. The vehicle is part of a Holiday Inn Express promotion.

Chlorine Gas Leak at Fury Convention Sends 19 to Hospital (December 8, 2014): 19 people were sent to the hospital following a chlorine gas leak at the fury convention in the midwest

French Artist Decides to Spend 13 Days Inside a Bear Sculpture (April 7, 2014): A French artist has decided to spend 13 days living inside a bear sculpture, which was made from a bear carcass.

Lawn Mower Racing World Championships Held in West Sussex (July 15, 2013): The Lawn Mower Racing World Championships took place in West Sussex over the weekend.

Egyptian Statue in Manchester Museum Moves Itself During the Day (June 25, 2013): The Manchester Museum has an ancient Egpytian statue that has been caught on film moving on its own. It is vibration from all the visitors? Or a curse?

Was Heene Balloon Incident a Publicity Stunt? (October 16, 2009): 6-year-old Falcon Heene's comments during an interview with Wolf Blitzer that he was hiding in the attic because the whole balloon incident was "for a show" have many doubting the parents really believed the child was ever in the balloon.

Egyptian Statue Resembles Michael Jackson (September 5, 2009): This Egyptian statue of a woman kept at the Field Museum in Chicago bears an uncanny resemblance to the late singer Michael Jackson.

Nicole Kidman Upsets Aborigines by Playing Didgeridoo (December 17, 2008): The Telegraph reports that some Aboriginal people are upset at actress Nicole Kidman because she attempted to play a didgeridoo while promoting her new film Australia.

Glitch Gives 2,550 Students Saturday Detention (February 12, 2008): "Mom, I didn't do anything bad.

Chinese Couple Wants to Name Their Kid @ (September 6, 2007): A Chinese couple wants to name their new baby "@".

Man Continues Counting To One Million (August 21, 2007): Jeremy Harper in Birmingham, Alabama has been counting to a million on a live web cam.

Couple Wins Scholarship for Wearing Duct Tape to Prom (July 11, 2007): High school students Adrienne Beiler, Salisbury, Pa.

Aussies Love Cat Poo Coffee (May 21, 2007): Reuters reports that Australians love a new imported coffee called Kopi Luwak.

Signs in England Village Tell Drivers to Ignore Satnav Directions (May 12, 2007): The Daily Mail reports that the village of Exton in England had to put up special signs warning drivers to ignore their satellite navigation systems (satnav).

The Case of the $67 Million Pants (May 1, 2007): Judge Roy Pearson is mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore.

A New DUI Record (April 19, 2007): A woman reportedly had a .

Swiss Army Briefly Invades Liechtenstein (March 3, 2007): The BBC reports that a unit of the Swiss army briefly invaded Liechtenstein before realizing their mistake and turning around.

Bizarre Bike Goes 50mph? (January 30, 2007): Treehugger is discussing this bizarre bike-like means of transportation.

OfficeMax Launches Go Elf Yourself (December 22, 2006): Elf Yourself is a fun website at www.

Mushroom Picker Saved by iPod (November 19, 2006): The Associated Press reports that a lost mushroom picker was saved by the glow of his iPod screen.

Borat and Mahir Cagri's I Kiss You (November 4, 2006): An article in Wired points out how the popular new Borat character played by Sacha Baron Cohen are similar to Turkey native Mahir Cagri, whose silly "I Kiss You" website briefly made him an Internet celebrity.

Paperclip Blogger Finally Trades for a House (September 20, 2006): Kyle MacDonald, the paperclip blogger, made his final trade that landed him a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan earlier this summer.

Boot Throwing Robot Invented (August 25, 2006): Scientists at Aberystwyth University have invented a robotic welly wanger, which is a robot dedicated to the task of boot throwing.

Creepy Cupcakes for Hoffa Search (May 27, 2006): FBI agents are searching for Jimmy Hoffa's remains in Milford Township and a local company baked creepy Hoffa cupcakes. The FBI agents bought some.

Bat Cave Students Face Possible Criminal Charges (April 28, 2006): Officials are mulling mulling over whether or not to file charges against students at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville who tried to create a real, live Bat Cave in their dorm room.

Man Trades Paperclip for One Year's Free Rent (April 22, 2006): When we last left Kyle MacDonald he had managed to trade his red paperclip for several items.

Hot New Designer Sunglasses For the Insect in Your Life (March 31, 2006): At least the scientists in Germany are working on something important: this photo entered into a German science-photo competition showcases the latest in designer wear for your pet housefly.

How to Tear Phone Books (March 6, 2006): Tearing a phone book is a complicated task so it is always important to consult an expert.

Google, Subpoenas and Silly Putty Experiments (January 24, 2006): When they're not fighting off burdensome, privacy-invading, intrusive government subpeonas, the folks at Google spend their time investigating the myriad of uses for 250 lbs of Silly Putty.

The Mystery of the USC Cheerleader and the Inappropriate Cheer (January 13, 2006): The UCLA fan message board has been discussing this photo of a USC cheerleader showing inappropriate enthusiasm when UT (the opposing team) scored during the Rose Bowl.

Rowdy Passenger Dumped on Island (December 30, 2005): Passengers who are considering getting wasted on their next plane flight might want to reconsider.

The Attack of the Giant Jellyfish (December 8, 2005): It's really happening: the giant jellyfish are everywhere and they're really hard to kill.

Britney Spears Auctions Unusual Toy Bear (October 4, 2005): Britney Spears is auctioning off some of her clothes, shoes and furniture to raise money in a special ebay auction for Hurricane Katrina survivors.

Giant Pink Bunny Placed on Italian Mountainside (October 1, 2005): A 200-ft long pink bunny rabbit has been placed on an Italian mountainside by its creators, a group of artists known as Gelatin.

Watch Out for that Chinese Skin Cream (September 14, 2005): The Guardian reports on a lovely Chinese practice of using the skin of executed prisoners as an ingredient in a number of skin preparations.

The Human Zoo (September 7, 2005): Clearly, the keepers at the London Zoo have run out of pandas: their latest popular exhibit is entitled "Humans" and features scantily-clad humans in an enclosure with a sign reading: "Warning: Humans in their Natural Environment.

Everywhere Girl Appears in Many Ads Thanks to Stock Photos (August 1, 2005): The Everywhere Girl is a girl who has appeared in numerous online advertisements for a variety of brands and products.

USPS: How to Pack Your Hippo (July 25, 2005): The United States Postal Service website has a webpage providing information for people who are moving.

Young Man Builds Website Requesting Date With Natalie Portman (June 4, 2005): Andy Goldfarb, a 140 pound, 5' 7'' nineteen year-old sophomore at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT has built a website to tell Natalie Portman, the actress who played Queen Amidala in the Star Wars films, that he wants a date with her.

Neil Armstrong and the Stolen Lock of Hair (June 1, 2005): The Smoking Gun reports on the heinous crime committed by former Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong's barber.

Assemblyman Doesn't Like Hockey Team's Evil Name (May 31, 2005): New Jersey State Assemblyman Craig Stanley wants to exorcise the demons from New Jersey's hockey team, the New Jersey Devils.