Science News

Hurricane Irma Smiles at Florida (September 10, 2017): Hurricane Irma can be seen smiling at Florida in this satellite image from NOAA's GOES-16 satellite.

Stephen Colbert Interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson about Pluto Mission (July 18, 2015): Stephen Colbert interviewed Neil deGrasse Tyson about the New Horizon mission. deGrasse Tyson does not seem as impressed as he should be.

Funny or Die: Creationist Cosmos (April 17, 2014): Funny or Die video: Creationist Cosmos stars Veep's Timothy Simmons who explains the universe from a creationist point of view.

Egyptian Statue in Manchester Museum Moves Itself During the Day (June 25, 2013): The Manchester Museum has an ancient Egpytian statue that has been caught on film moving on its own. It is vibration from all the visitors? Or a curse?

Three Endangered African Blackfooted Penguin Chicks Born at Audubon Aquarium (June 16, 2013): Three endangered African Blackfooted penguin chicks have been born at the Audubon Aquarium.

Egyptian Statue Resembles Michael Jackson (September 5, 2009): This Egyptian statue of a woman kept at the Field Museum in Chicago bears an uncanny resemblance to the late singer Michael Jackson.

Paris Hilton Wants to Be Frozen With Her Pets (October 22, 2007): Paris Hilton would like to be frozen with her pets when she dies.

Eat a Big Mac, Fight Global Warming (September 5, 2007): The government of Japan offered a half price coupon for a McDonald's Big Mac for consumers who print out the tips to combat global warming and show them to their local McDonald's.

Name the Giant Hexagon Thing Above Saturn (March 28, 2007): Scientists are puzzled by a giant hexagon formation of clouds seen at Saturn's north pole.

More Evidence of Water on Mars (February 21, 2007): Images from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter reveal more evidence of water on Mars.

Send in the Clones (July 18, 2006): A new study concludes that human clones would feel just like regular, individual people.

Research Says There Were Blond and Redheaded Woolly Mammoths (July 6, 2006): New research shows that woolly mammoths may have come in lots of colors.

Norway's Doomsday Vault (June 19, 2006): Norway has announced that it is building a Doomsday Vault deep in a frozen mountainside on an secluded Arctic island.

Scientists Invent Robotic Tentacles (May 10, 2006): New Scientist reports that scientists have invented robotic arms called Octarms.

The Myths Of The Maternal Instinct (May 9, 2006): Just in time for Mother's Day, The New York Times features a horrifying article about the myth that mothers naturally care for their offspring and will fight to protect them.

Scientists Invent Shrug Detector (May 1, 2006): New Scientist reports that scientists have created a real-time shrug detector.

Hot New Designer Sunglasses For the Insect in Your Life (March 31, 2006): At least the scientists in Germany are working on something important: this photo entered into a German science-photo competition showcases the latest in designer wear for your pet housefly.

U.S. Training Sharks to Be Underwater Spies (March 2, 2006): The BBC reports that the U.

Emotion-Sensing Computer Feels Your Pain (February 16, 2006): The Discovery Channel reports that scientists are working on a computer that uses emotion-sensing technology to notice when you are feeling frustrated.

The Facism of Blue Sky Thinking (January 30, 2006): Have you ever heard of the Blue Sky Appreciation Society? It's mission is to counter the facism of blue-sky thinking.

More Bad News For the Depressed and Anxious (December 7, 2005): In the "life is not fair" category: a new study shows that geeky men who have social anxiety are more likely to die of a heart attack.

Archeologists Find 4,000 Year Old Noodles (October 18, 2005): You know we're a sucker for a good noodle story, so this one about scientists digging up 4,000 year old noodles was bound to catch our eye.

The New Tinkle-Powered Battery (August 16, 2005): Now that's what we call thinking outside the box.

Scientists Achieve Breakthrough in Cockroach Wars (August 12, 2005): Scientists have achieved an amazing breakthrough in the ongoing War on Cockroaches.

Scientists Discover Hangover Gene (July 19, 2005): Why do some people have terrible hangovers? Why do some get really red in the face with just a little bit of alcohol? Japanese researchers have discovered the answer to this crucial issue.

2005 Now One Second Longer (July 8, 2005): If you were hoping for a little extra time this year then your hopes have been answered.

People Have a Single Neuron for Each Celebrity (June 23, 2005): Scientists have discovered that you have one neuron in your brain reserved for each celebrity you know; that cell is responsible for recognizing the face of that person alone.

The Powerful Spell of Grapefruit (June 21, 2005): A new study has found that men under the powerful spell of grapefruit aroma think the women around them are six years younger than they actually are.

Advertisers Hope Neuromarketing Answers Their Dreams (June 6, 2005): Scientists are now scanning the brain to find more effective ways to influence your purchasing decisions. Just great! Not!

Trust-Inducing Nasal Spray (June 2, 2005): Be very careful the next time a date offers you some nasal spray "to help with your terrible allergies," or a politician appears to be spraying the room with an "air freshener.

Everything Bad Is Good for You? (May 12, 2005): Just when you thought you had reached your limit of having yet another expert tell you that everything you do is bad for you, along comes a new book that pooh-poohs all the experts.