The Brain Spa Head Massager

Posted on January 17, 2006

Brain Spa Head MassagerHere's a nice new product to relieve some of that stress: the Brain Spa Head Massager. Here's the ad copy:
This patented Italian design incorporates Japanese engineering and utilizes acupressure to relax and soothe your problems away. It's like thousands of tiny fingers simultaneously massaging your scalp. Simply place our Brain Spa Head Massager on your head and feel the tension miraculously leave your body. Suitable for any age, this massager stimulates blood circulation and helps to relieve stress. Use it at your desk at work. You can use it on your morning commute in traffic. Use it while relaxing at home in front of the TV after a long day. Its rechargeable battery makes it totally portable and easy to use anytime and anywhere. It's like a Spa for your brain and your soul.
Oh, please. We watch Alias. This is exactly the kind of thing that Sloane would give you for your birthday -- then every time you used it, your brain would be sucked dry of all valuable intel.