SNL Skit: Funkytown Debate Starring Will Ferrell, Usher and Kenan Thompson

Posted on May 13, 2012

Usher and Will Ferrell in Funkytown Debate skit on SNL

In this Saturday Night Live skit, candidates for the office of Mayor of Funkytown must answer tough questions in the debate. Taran Killam is the moderator who has two groovy back up dancers. Candidates include the very fly current mayor of Funkytown, Doctor Silky Delicious (Keenan Thompson), Captain Catfish (Will Ferrell), and third party candidate Janet Nichols (Nasim Pedrad). Captain Catfish's running mate is the superfly Mr. Galactic Fantastic (Usher). The candidates sing and dance their answers using their most funky stylings. Usher is absolutely hilarious in this skit -- he manages to steal the show from everyone else, although Kenan and his backup dancers are also really funny. Take a look:

Photo: Dana Edelson/NBC

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