People Have a Single Neuron for Each Celebrity

Posted on June 23, 2005

Single neuron for each celebrityScientists have discovered that you have one neuron in your brain reserved for each celebrity you know; that cell is responsible for recognizing the face of that person alone. So, tucked away inside your brain, is one cell which codes for Paris Hilton, one for Tom Cruise, one for Halle Berry and one for Thomas Mesereau Jr., Michael Jackson's attorney with the fabulous mane of silver hair. Nature has more on this somewhat disturbing scientific finding.

The article says, "Quian Quiroga also found that a lone neuron in one subject responded selectively to various pictures of the actress Halle Berry - as well as drawings of her and her name written down. Other cells were found to respond to images of characters in The Simpsons or members of The Beatles."

Scientists said that the finding may explain why people are able to recognize celebrities even when they're at a Starbucks in dark glasses, a hat and no makeup. Apparently, there's a little cell in your brain that can recognize Jennifer Aniston no matter what disguise she wears. It also explains why you can be watching a movie and think, "Hey, I know I've seen that actress in something else..."