Give the Gift of the Remote Control Toilet

Posted on December 12, 2005

Remote Control ToiletMSNBC reports on a hot new gift idea for the home: the remote control toilet.
For a mere $5,000, the Neorest toilet from Japanese company Toto automatically lifts its lid when you approach it, and automatically flushes and lowers the lid upon completion. (We can hear wives and girlfriends applauding everywhere.)

A remote control sets the temperature of the seat and also activates a gentle cleansing process with a wand that extends from the back of the rim and sprays water upward, followed by an air dryer. Who needs paper? The Arizona Republic reported that sales of the Neorest have been slow at a local retailer, possibly because it costs more than a low-mileage used car.

But the costly commode reportedly has found some converts among Hollywood celebrities, including actor Will Smith, who gushed about it during an interview on Access Hollywood. The high-tech toilets are also installed in the main headquarters of Google, possibly the end result of the $400-a-share company being flush with cash.
Last we checked, you could pick up the toilet on Ebay for a mere $2,987, although that price could rise as the bidding gets fast and furious. Question: what happens if the remote control unit malfunctions? Or if the "cleaning" function goes awry? We're just asking.