A New DUI Record

Posted on April 19, 2007

A woman reportedly had a .47 blood alcohol level when she crashed into two cars in Washington state. Officials think she's broken the record for the highest blood alcohol level ever recorded in the state.
A woman arrested following two car crashes last week registered a .47 blood-alcohol content on a breath test - nearly six times the legal intoxication threshold and possibly a state record. Deana F. Jarrett, 54, was taken to Evergreen Hospital as a precaution following her arrest April 11, the Washington State Patrol said Wednesday. No one was injured in the accidents.

Jarrett blew the .47 on a portable breath tester after she collided with two other vehicles in quick succession, the patrol said. A check of all 356,000 breath tests administered since 1998 in Washington turned up only 35 above .40 - and none of those was higher than .45.

The legal intoxication threshold in Washington is .08. Jarrett did not appear to have a listed phone number, and it was not clear if she had obtained a lawyer.
Ms. Jarrett needs a doctor at this point before she needs a lawyer, in our opinion. Her test showed that her blood was almost 50% alcohol. How is that even possible? How is she even alive? We think she needs some kind of major medical intervention immediately. Oh yea, and no more driving.