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Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon Play Slapjack (January 17, 2015): Kevin Hart agreed to a game of slapjack with Jimmy Fallon. They played blackjack and the loser gets smacked with a giant rubber hand.

SNL Sketch: Jim Carrey and Kate McKinnon Dance to Sia's Chandelier (October 27, 2014): In this SNL sketch, Jim Carrey and McKinnon have a dance off to Sia's Chandelier. They both dress as the young dancer from the video.

Brad Pitt Gets Grilled on Between Two Ferns (October 23, 2014): Zach Galifianakis interviewed Brad Pitt in the funniest Between Two Ferns interview ever. He was grilled about wife Angelina Jolie and former wife Jennifer Aniston.

SNL Sketch: He-Ra, She-Ra and Lion-O Come to Life (September 29, 2014): Chris Pratt, Taran Killam and Ariana Grande play action figures that come to life and cause trouble in this SNL sketch.

Kevin Hart Faces His Fears and Rides a Roller Coaster (June 18, 2014): Kevin Hart hates roller coasters. But he faced his fears and rode a big roller coaster at the Universal Orlando Resort with Jimmy Falllon.

The Tonight Show Panda Reveals He is Actually a Celebrity (June 16, 2014): Hashtag the Panda is the mascot on The Tonight Show. In this video he finally removes his head and reveals that he is an A list actor.

Dave Chappelle Discusses The First Time He Met Kanye West (June 14, 2014): Dave Chappelle describes his first encounter with Kanye West and how Prince got his revenge on Dave for all those hilarious impersonations.

Trailer for the Fall Pilot Selfie Starring Karen Gillan and John Cho (June 3, 2014): Here is the trailer for the new ABC pilot Selfie, a comedy from the creator of Suburgatory which stars Karen Gillan and John Cho.

Hugh Jackman Discusses the Jennifer Lawrence Punching Game (May 26, 2014): High Jackman tells Seth Meyers about the punching game Jennifer Lawrence made everyone play on the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

SNL Sketch: The Kissing Vogelchecks Starring Andy Samberg and Paul Rudd (May 18, 2014): In this SNL sketch, Andy Samberg, Fred Armisen, Kristen Wiig are part of a family that is really affectionate. The new boyfriend finds it very disturbing.

The Tonight Show: The Musical (May 17, 2014): Jimmy Fallon and Tariq do a little musical song and dance number to convince NBC to do The Tonight Show: The Musical

SNL Sketch: Bikini Beach Party Starring Charlize Theron and Taran Killam (May 12, 2014): Charlize Theron and Taran Killam star in the SNL spoof movie, Bikini Beach Party. It's all bathing suits, surfing...and a dead whale that's about to explode.

Andrew Garfield and Jimmy Fallon Race on Mini Motorbikes (May 2, 2014): Andrew Garfield and Jimmy Fallon race around Studio 6B on tiny, motorized minibikes.

Cameron Diaz and Jimmy Fallon Play Roller Golf (April 24, 2014): Cameron Diaz and Jimmy Fallon face off in a game of roller golf, which is golfing while on roller skates while dodging a dancing panda.

Russell Crowe Explains How Dental Work Saved His Acting Career (April 15, 2014): Russell Crowe explains how he landed an acting job even though he had no front teeth. A wise director made his career through the magic of dental work.

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