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Master Swordsman Battles Robotic Arm in Slicing Contest (June 18, 2015): The Yaskawa robotic arm engages in a slicing contest with a master swordsman in this video. Raises Concerns About 3D Printers Printing People (March 9, 2015): is concerned that 3D printers will be able to print people within our lifetime.

Robot Rock Band Performs With Amoyamo in Tokyo (June 25, 2013): A robot rock band performed iwth Amoyamo, a Japanese pop band, in Tokyo

Peter the Elephant Plays With Tablet (March 29, 2012):

How Steve Jobs Changed the Music Industry (October 5, 2011):

Giant Teddy Bear Faced Robot Designed to Lift Patients Into Wheelchairs (August 2, 2011):

2009 Consumer Electronics Show (January 12, 2009):

Radiohead: House of Cards (August 6, 2008):

The Trons: Self-playing Robot Band (June 25, 2008):

Apple Sued for Patent Infringement (March 12, 2008):

Microsoft Product to Monitor Workers Through Their Computers (January 16, 2008):

The Art of Negotiating for Christmas Presents (December 11, 2007):

Chinese Couple Wants to Name Their Kid @ (September 6, 2007):

Signs in England Village Tell Drivers to Ignore Satnav Directions (May 12, 2007):

The Ten Most Common Passwords (April 30, 2007):

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