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SNL Sketch: WWE Promos Starring Dwayne Johnson and Bobby Moynihan (March 29, 2015): Dwayne Johnson is wrestler Koko WatchOut who psychs out his opponent in this SNL sketch which also stars Bobby Moynihan and Taran Killam.

50 Cent Throws Terrible First Pitch at Mets Game (May 28, 2014): 50 Cent threw the first at the Citi Field before the Mets-Pirates game.

George Zimmerman and DMX to Fight in Boxing Match (February 5, 2014): George Zimmerman and DMX will fight in a celebrity boxing match.

Maria Menounos Gets Dunked After Losing Super Bowl Bet (February 3, 2014): Maria Menounos gets dunked after losing a Super Bowl bet to Mario Lopez.

Kenichi Ito Sets Four Legged Sprint Record (November 17, 2013): Kenichi Ito has set the record for the four-legged sprint. The running style is based on the Patas monkey.

The Sumo Run: Runners Wear Sumo Suits in 5K Race (July 28, 2013): Runners wear sumo suits in a 5k race called The Sumo Run.

Maria Menounos Shows Her Support for Boston Celtics (July 22, 2013): Maria Menounous shows her support for Boston Celtics by wearing a Celtics tshirt on Espy Awards day.

Lawn Mower Racing World Championships Held in West Sussex (July 15, 2013): The Lawn Mower Racing World Championships took place in West Sussex over the weekend.

Kendra Wilkinson Gets Angry at Greg Louganis on Splash (March 22, 2013):

Dennis Rodman Says North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un is Friend for Life (March 2, 2013):

World Pea Shooting Championship Held in Witcham (July 17, 2012):

20th Wife Carrying World Championships Held in Finland (July 8, 2012):

Thousands Practice Yoga in Times Square to Celebrate the First Day of Summer (June 23, 2012):

Nina Dobrev Performs Yoga on Conan (June 2, 2012):

SNL Skit: What Is This Gameshow Starring Eli Manning, Abby Elliot and Vanessa Bayer (May 6, 2012):

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