SNL Sketch: What Are You Even Doing? Starring Nasim Pedrad, Lena Dunham and Jon Hamm

SNL What Are You Even Doing sketch with Lena Dunahm and Jon Hamm

In this Saturday Night Live sketch, Nasim Pedrad and Lena Dunham play two middle school girls who host a show from their mom's basement called What are You Even Doing?. Bobby Moynihan plays the brother who has been in college for ten years and now the basement is his home. The two discuss how crazy everyone is and chat with guests. One guest is from school, who was promised there would be pizza. The other guest is Jon Hamm, playing himself in a very funny cameo. Hamm said his publicist told him to show up and that there would be pizza. Clearly that is the key to getting great guests. Take a look:

Photo: Dana Edelson/NBC

Posted on March 9, 2014

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