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Hubble Spots Happy Face in Galaxy Cluster SDSS J1038+4849 (February 10, 2015): The Hubble Space Telescope has spotted the image of a happy face in galaxy cluster SDSS J1038+4849

Funny or Die: Creationist Cosmos (April 17, 2014): Funny or Die video: Creationist Cosmos stars Veep's Timothy Simmons who explains the universe from a creationist point of view.

Pluto Confronts Neil deGrasse Tyson About Being Demoted From Planet to Dwarf Planet (March 19, 2014): Neil deGrasse Tyson was a guest on Seth Meyers' show and was confronted by the former planet Pluto who had a few choice words for the astrophysicist that ruined his life.

Egyptian Statue in Manchester Museum Moves Itself During the Day (June 25, 2013): The Manchester Museum has an ancient Egpytian statue that has been caught on film moving on its own. It is vibration from all the visitors? Or a curse?

MakerBot Sends Stephen Colbert's Head Into Space (August 17, 2011):

$500,000 Shrimp on a Treadmill Study Dubbed Wasteful Spending by Senator Coburn (May 26, 2011):

Massive Earthquake Coming May 21 Says Wacky Religious Group (May 19, 2011):

Metal Objects Stick to Six-Year-Old Magnet Boy (May 16, 2011):

Study Finds Students Who Believe in Angry, Vengeful God Are Less Likely to Cheat (April 20, 2011):

Egyptian Statue Resembles Michael Jackson (September 5, 2009):

Paris Hilton Wants to Be Frozen With Her Pets (October 22, 2007):

Eat a Big Mac, Fight Global Warming (September 5, 2007):

We Can All Be Spider-Man (August 29, 2007):

Kryptonite Discovered on Earth (April 27, 2007):

Name the Giant Hexagon Thing Above Saturn (March 28, 2007):

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