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  • Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen Poke Fun at Chris Christie and Bridgegate (January 15, 2014): Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen sing a duet poking fun at Governor Chris Christie and his Bridgegate scandal. The Boss is Christie's favorite musician.

  • Dennis Rodman Says North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un is Friend for Life (March 2, 2013):

  • Stacey Dash Talks Twitter Backlash Over Her Support of Mitt Romney (October 10, 2012):

  • Michelle Obama Visits The Colbert Report (April 13, 2012):

  • Jay Leno: President Obama and Mitt Romney Battle on The Voice (March 8, 2012):

  • Donald Trump Meets The 2011 Miss USA Contestants (June 6, 2011):

  • Gasy Busey Endorses Donald Trump for President in 2012 (April 19, 2011):

  • The Obamas Light the National Christmas Tree (December 3, 2009):

  • Video: President Obama Scraps Pentagon's Plans to Build Tank in the Shape of a Dragon (August 2, 2009):

  • Kris Allen Jams With Mike Huckabee (June 2, 2009):

  • Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston Broke Off Engagement (March 11, 2009):

  • Barack Obama Goes Christmas Tree Shopping (December 15, 2008):

  • The Obamas Hunt for a New Puppy (November 12, 2008):

  • Barack Obama Visits the Oval Office (November 10, 2008):

  • Barney Bites Reporter (November 6, 2008):

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