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Avril Lavigne Tears Up While Discussing Lyme Disease on Nightline (July 1, 2015): Avril Lavigne talked about her horrible experience with lyme disease on Nightline. She teared up during part of the interview.

James Taylor and Jimmy Fallon Perform Two James Taylors on a Seesaw (June 18, 2015): James Taylor joined Jimmy Fallon to perform Two James Taylors on a Seesaw. They sat on an actual seesaw as they crooned the mellow tune.

Rachel Bloom Stars in the CW's Musical Comedy, My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (May 14, 2015): The CW debuted its comedy musical tv show, My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, today. Rachel Bloom stars as the crazed ex-girlfriend who moves to West Covina for love.

Jeremy Renner Sings About Hawkeye's Super Powers (May 1, 2015): Jeremy Renner sang about Hawkeye's super powers to the tune of Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud

Lord Voldemort Shows His Dance Skills in Harry Potter Parody of Uptown Funk (March 25, 2015): Lord Voldemort raps, sings and dances in this hilarious Harry Potter themed parody of Bruno Mars' hit Uptown Funk called Dark Lord Funk.

Christina Aguilera Channels Cher and Britney on The Tonight Show (February 25, 2015): Christina Aguilera channeled the voices of Cher and Britney on The Tonight Show.

Michael Buble Sings Believe in Yourself Song on Sesame Street (December 10, 2014): Singer Michael Buble appeared on Sesame Street and sang the Believe in Yourself song.

FKA Twigs Makes Her American TV Debut on The Tonight Show (November 5, 2014): FKA Twigs made her American tv debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Best known for being Robert Pattinson's girlfiend, she performed her single Two Weeks.

SNL Sketch: Jim Carrey and Kate McKinnon Dance to Sia's Chandelier (October 27, 2014): In this SNL sketch, Jim Carrey and McKinnon have a dance off to Sia's Chandelier. They both dress as the young dancer from the video.

HyunaA and Rita Ora Have a Walk Battle (April 23, 2014): HyunA and Rita Ora have a walk off in this Funny or Die video.

Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon Have an Epic Lip Synching Battle (February 27, 2014): Paul Rudd took on Jimmy Fallon in a hilarious lip synching battle. Paul's version of Don't Stop Me Now by Queen is amazing.

Jimmy Fallon and the Ragtime Gals Perform R. Kelly's Ignition Remix (February 20, 2014): Jimmy Fallon and The Ragtime Gals give a new spin to R.Kelly's Ignition (Remix) in this amazing video.

Rebel Wilson and Ellen DeGeneres Perform Their New Rap Single, Watching Cats on the Internet (February 19, 2014): Rebellen, the rap duo of Ellen DeGeneres and Rebel Wilson, perform their new single Watching Cats on the Internet

Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen Poke Fun at Chris Christie and Bridgegate (January 15, 2014): Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen sing a duet poking fun at Governor Chris Christie and his Bridgegate scandal. The Boss is Christie's favorite musician.

Kesha Checks Into Rehab for Eating Disorder (January 6, 2014): Kesha has checked into rehab for eating disorder. She will remain there for 30 days.

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