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Music News

  • Michael Buble Sings Believe in Yourself Song on Sesame Street (December 10, 2014): Singer Michael Buble appeared on Sesame Street and sang the Believe in Yourself song.

  • FKA Twigs Makes Her American TV Debut on The Tonight Show (November 5, 2014): FKA Twigs made her American tv debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Best known for being Robert Pattinson's girlfiend, she performed her single Two Weeks.

  • SNL Sketch: Jim Carrey and Kate McKinnon Dance to Sia's Chandelier (October 27, 2014): In this SNL sketch, Jim Carrey and McKinnon have a dance off to Sia's Chandelier. They both dress as the young dancer from the video.

  • HyunaA and Rita Ora Have a Walk Battle (April 23, 2014): HyunA and Rita Ora have a walk off in this Funny or Die video.

  • Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon Have an Epic Lip Synching Battle (February 27, 2014): Paul Rudd took on Jimmy Fallon in a hilarious lip synching battle. Paul's version of Don't Stop Me Now by Queen is amazing.

  • Jimmy Fallon and the Ragtime Gals Perform R. Kelly's Ignition Remix (February 20, 2014): Jimmy Fallon and The Ragtime Gals give a new spin to R.Kelly's Ignition (Remix) in this amazing video.

  • Rebel Wilson and Ellen DeGeneres Perform Their New Rap Single, Watching Cats on the Internet (February 19, 2014): Rebellen, the rap duo of Ellen DeGeneres and Rebel Wilson, perform their new single Watching Cats on the Internet

  • Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen Poke Fun at Chris Christie and Bridgegate (January 15, 2014): Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen sing a duet poking fun at Governor Chris Christie and his Bridgegate scandal. The Boss is Christie's favorite musician.

  • Kesha Checks Into Rehab for Eating Disorder (January 6, 2014): Kesha has checked into rehab for eating disorder. She will remain there for 30 days.

  • Guillermo Interviews Taylor Swift, New Direction Back to Back at the AMAs (November 28, 2013): Guillermo interviews Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, TLC and New Direction back to back at the 2013 AMAs. He also insists that Nelly eat a giant turkey leg.

  • Ylvis Performs What Does The Fox Say on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (October 13, 2013): Ylvis and The Roots gave an awesome performance of What Does The Fox Say? on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Fallon even donned a fox costume.

  • Eddie Murphy Releases Reggae Single, Red Light, Featuring Snoop Lion (September 11, 2013): Eddie Murphy is back with his first single since 1993. The song, Red Light, features Snoop Lion.

  • Justin Timberlake Talks Superhero Rumors and Nsync Performance at the VMAs (September 2, 2013): Justin Timberlake reveals how hard it was to do the choreography for the Nsync reunion performance at the 2013 VMAs.

  • John Mayer Discuses His Duet With Girlfriend Katy Perry (August 25, 2013): John Mayer discusses the love song he sings with girlfriend Katy Perry on his new album.

  • Michael Buble Dons Chicken Suit on Jimmy Fallon (April 30, 2013): Singer Michael Buble donned a chicken suit on Jimmy Fallon so he could perform with the band Cluck.

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