Health News

Thousands Practice Yoga in Times Square to Celebrate the First Day of Summer (June 23, 2012):

Woman Loves Smelling Mothballs (February 11, 2012):

Giant Teddy Bear Faced Robot Designed to Lift Patients Into Wheelchairs (August 2, 2011):

Jillian Michaels Dubbed Oprah of Fitness by Forbes (June 26, 2011):

Drew Carey Drops 80 Pounds (July 29, 2010):

Octomom's Doctor Could Have His License Revoked (July 13, 2010):

Keri Russell Talks Extraordinary Measures (January 14, 2010):

Marilyn Manson Has Swine Flu (September 22, 2009):

Nick Jonas Testifies in Front of Congress (June 24, 2009):

Swayze Checks Into Hospital With Pneumonia (January 9, 2009):

Lance Armstrong Returning to Professional Cycling (September 9, 2008):

LeAnn Rimes Reveals Struggle With Psoriasis (September 5, 2008):

Rep Says Paul Newman Does Not Have Lung Cancer (June 10, 2008):

Amy Winehouse Bares All for Charity (March 24, 2008):

Carnie Wilson's Weight Battle Continues (March 19, 2008):

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