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Adele Plays Box of Lies With Jimmy Fallon (November 24, 2015): Adele did her best to lie to Jimmy Fallon during a game of Box of Lies. It was a hard fought battle.

Daniel Radcliffe and Jimmy Fallon Play Water War (November 11, 2015): Daniel Radcliffe gets soaking wet before his Victor Frankenstein premiere after a game of Water War with Jimmy Fallon.

Justin Bieber Talks Selena Gomez, Bora Bora Photos (November 9, 2015): Justin Bieber talked to Ellen DeGeneres

Martin Short, Jimmy Fallon and Steve Martin Star in the Soap Opera Tensions (November 7, 2015): Jimmy Fallon, Steve Martin and Martin Short all starred in a 90s soap opera called Tensions. Luckily Jimmy had some clips from the very tense show.

Bryan Cranston and Stephen Colbert Think Deep Thoughts (November 6, 2015): Bryan Cranston and Stephen Colbert stare at the stars and ponder the mysteries of the universe in Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars.

Jessica Alba and Friend Channel Romy and Michele for Halloween 2015 (November 4, 2015): Jessica Alba and her friend channeled the movie Romy and Michele's High School Reunion for Halloween 2015.

Jessica Simpson Channels Christie Brinkley in Vacation for Halloween (November 3, 2015): Jessica Simpson channeled Christie Brinkley in the National Lampoon's Vacation for Halloween. Her husband, Eric Johnson, was Clark Griswold.

Kylie Jenner is Xena and an Eskimo for Halloween 2015 (November 1, 2015): Kylie Jenner channels Xena, an Eskimo and a zombie for Halloween 2015.

Taylor Swift Dons Olaf Costume for Halloween During Tampa Concert (November 1, 2015): Taylor Swift wore an Olaf costume for Halloween at her concert perform in Tampa, Florida. Idina Menzel was also on stage.

Taylor Swift Was Once a Yellow Teletubby for Halloween (October 31, 2015): Singer Taylor Swift once dressed up as a Teletubby for Halloween. It was before Teletubbies became cool.

Channing Tatum is Winnie the Pooh for Halloween (October 31, 2015): Channing Tatum dressed up as Winnie the Pooh for Halloween.

Jimmy Fallon Explains How He Injured His Other Hand (October 27, 2015): Jimmy Fallon now has two injured hands. He explained how he cut his right hand while accepting the Elmo Award from the Harvard Lampoon.

Colton Haynes is Ursula for Halloween (October 26, 2015): Actor Colton Haynes dressed up as Ursula for Halloween. He was Princess Fiona last year.

Bradley Cooper is Ellen DeGeneres' Hands in Hilarious Cooking Segment for Charity (October 23, 2015): Bradley Cooper helped Ellen DeGeneres earn $10,000 for charity in a cooking segment in which he shared an apron with Ellen.

Olivia Wilde Takes the Actathalon Challenge (October 13, 2015): Olivia Wilde took Seth Meyers' acting challenge and nailed it. She had to run all over the studio and act out various scenarios while being judged.

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