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  • SNL Sketch: He-Ra, She-Ra and Lion-O Come to Life (September 29, 2014): Chris Pratt, Taran Killam and Ariana Grande play action figures that come to life and cause trouble in this SNL sketch.

  • Justin Bieber to Attend Anger Management Program as Result of Egging Plea Deal (July 9, 2014): Justin Bieber's penalties for egging his neighbor include $80,900 and an anger management program.

  • Kevin Hart Faces His Fears and Rides a Roller Coaster (June 18, 2014): Kevin Hart hates roller coasters. But he faced his fears and rode a big roller coaster at the Universal Orlando Resort with Jimmy Falllon.

  • The Tonight Show Panda Reveals He is Actually a Celebrity (June 16, 2014): Hashtag the Panda is the mascot on The Tonight Show. In this video he finally removes his head and reveals that he is an A list actor.

  • Dave Chappelle Discusses The First Time He Met Kanye West (June 14, 2014): Dave Chappelle describes his first encounter with Kanye West and how Prince got his revenge on Dave for all those hilarious impersonations.

  • Hugh Jackman Shaves His Head to Play the Pirate Blackbeard (June 11, 2014): Hugh Jackman has gone bald to play the pirate Blackbeard in the upcoming Peter Pan movie.

  • Jonah Hill Apologizes for Homophobic Slur on Good Morning America (June 4, 2014): Jonah Hill apologized for making a homophobic slur in anger at a photographer on Good Morning America

  • Trailer for the Fall Pilot Selfie Starring Karen Gillan and John Cho (June 3, 2014): Here is the trailer for the new ABC pilot Selfie, a comedy from the creator of Suburgatory which stars Karen Gillan and John Cho.

  • 50 Cent Throws Terrible First Pitch at Mets Game (May 28, 2014): 50 Cent threw the first at the Citi Field before the Mets-Pirates game.

  • Carrie Fisher Says Returning to Star Wars is Trippy (May 16, 2014): Carrie Fisher says its trippy returning to Star Wars three decades later. She also says they hired her minus 35 pounds for the role.

  • SNL Sketch: Bikini Beach Party Starring Charlize Theron and Taran Killam (May 12, 2014): Charlize Theron and Taran Killam star in the SNL spoof movie, Bikini Beach Party. It's all bathing suits, surfing...and a dead whale that's about to explode.

  • Chris Brown's Jail Sentence Reduced to 131 Days But He Could Be Released Next Week (May 11, 2014): Chris Brown's jail sentence has been reduced to 131 days. However, he could be out sooner.

  • Seth Rogen Reveals He Was Asked to Perform at Kanye and Kim's Wedding (May 3, 2014): Seth Rogen reveals to Ellen DeGeneres that Kanye West asked him to perform at his wedding. They ultimately decided it was not the greatest idea.

  • Andrew Garfield and Jimmy Fallon Race on Mini Motorbikes (May 2, 2014): Andrew Garfield and Jimmy Fallon race around Studio 6B on tiny, motorized minibikes.

  • Funny or Die: Zac Efron and Seth Rogen Haze Their Neighbors Co-Stars (April 30, 2014): In this Funny or Die video Zac Efron and Seth Rogen haze their Neighbors co-stars, Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Jerrod Carmichael. It does not go well.

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