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Kristen Stewart Plays Jell-O Shot Twister With Jimmy Fallon

Kristen Stewart was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote her upcoming film Cafe Society. The comedy was directed by Woody Allen and co-stars Jesse Eisenberg and Steve Carell. Kristen agreed to play a game of Jell-O Shot Twister. Jimmy was inspired to play the game by a photo of Johnny Carson and Eva Gabor playing Twister on the Tonight Show 50 years ago. Jimmy added the Jell-O shot twist, with colored Jell-O shots contained in every circle on the playing mat. Read more... July 12, 2016

SNL: Brie Larson Tries to Avoid the Mom Haircut

Brie Larson hosted Saturday Night Live and showed that she is very comfortable with sketch comedy. In this sketch called "Baby Shower" she plays an expectant mom who is told by the neighborhood moms that one day she too will get "The Cut." You know the one: it's waterfall in the front, knives in the back and all moms have it. There are no exceptions. Read more... May 8, 2016

Melissa McCarthy Battles Jimmy Fallon in Lip Sync Battle

Melissa McCarthy was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote her new film The Boss. Melissa came up with the character years ago when she was with The Groundlings. She agreed to a lip sync battle with Jimmy. Jimmy started off with a hilarious rendition of Melanie's "Brand New Key" in which he mimed being terrible on roller skates. Read more... April 10, 2016

SNL: Peter Dinklage and Gwen Stefani Sing About Space Pants

Peter Dinklage did a great job hosting Saturday Night Live. He was naked and afraid in the wildnerness, he played Winnie the Pooh and he even gave us a peek behind the scenes of Game of Thrones. But his funniest performance of the night was actually in a sketch called "Mafia Meeting," but which should have been called "Space Pants." Read more... April 3, 2016

Christina Aguilera and Will Ferrell Dance and Sing About Their Tight Pants

Will Ferrell and Christina Aguilera joined Jimmy Fallon for a bitter fight over who has the tightest pants in town and it was glorious. This is the third installment of the hilarious -- and ridiculous -- bit. The first one showcased Jimmy and Will dancing and bragging about their tight pants. The second one featured Jennifer Lopez in a bare midriff giving Jimmy a run for his money. Read more... February 17, 2016

Derek Zoolander and Hansel Critique the Candidates' Fashion Styles

Fabulous male models Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live during the Weekend Update segment and it was hilarious. The two, sporting cutting edge fashion, explained to Colin Jost that they were not there to do commentary on fashion. Hansel explained, "No, no, listen Colin. We're not here to talk about fashion. We're here to talk about the one thing everyone wants to hear male models talk about: politics." Read more... February 7, 2016

Jennifer Lopez Opens Las Vegas Show at Planet Hollywood

Jennifer Lopez is performing shows at The Axis at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. The show is called Jennifer Lopez: All I Have. There are scheduled shows running through June. Some of the guests at the opening included Ja Rule, Ne-Yo and Pitbull. Read more... February 3, 2016

Japan Zoo Holds Escaped Zebra Drill With Person in Zebra Costume

The Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, Japan is known for its animal escape drills. They take these drills very seriously as they can save lives and prevent injuries should an animal escape. The drills are also hilarious because the zoo uses people in animals costumes. Read more... February 2, 2016

Britney Spears Dances in Bikini in Instagram Videos

Britney Spears can be seen dancing in a bikini a new series of videos she shared on her Instagram account. Britney looks very fit in the black and white videos. She has stayed in shape for her Las Vegas shows at The Axis at Planet Hollywood. Read more... January 27, 2016

Adele Plays Box of Lies With Jimmy Fallon

Adele was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and she was a delight. It turns out that Adele really wanted to do the show and opened the interview by telling Jimmy how much she loves him. When she sat down to play Box of Lies, she exclaimed, "I have been waiting my whole life to do this! It was either this or the Lip Sync Battle!" Read more... November 24, 2015

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